Jailbreak iPhone 5 Quick and Easy

Jailbreak-1To jailbreak iPhone 5 is a simple process of installing the right software and letting it modify the phone to allow the user to download and install software from adversaries. It does so by removing all restrictions imposed by Apple.

Jailbreaking makes it easy for the user of iPhone 5 to access iOS applications which were inaccessible previously and install third-party programs and applications, thus customizing their cell phones. The process of jailbreaking is reversible so you can be sure to get back to the original format of your cell phone before it was jailbroken. But remember, to take care so that you don’t end up  “bricking” your cell phone; i.e. making it unusable.

What do you Gain by Jailbreaking iPhone 5?

Apple places locks for security purposes on its phones. This protects the iPhone users and any information that is available on their phone. It also prevents thieves from breaking into the phones. However, it also prevents the user from installing applications by Apple’s competitors. It also offers additional features that can make you invisible on the map, meaning that they can hide your location and prevent the iPhone from being tracked by Apple.

Most people like to customize their cell phones and make them unique in their own way. This is where jailbreaking comes into play. By jailbreaking your iPhone 5, you can now change your network, install new applications, rename and reorganize your applications, change your default browser and e-mail app, play video games of your liking, install applications for free that would otherwise have been quite expensive to buy, and even beef up the security of your iPhone 5.

Legal or Illegal?

The prevalent perception that the jailbreaking process might be a little dangerous to engage in and it can get you in trouble is quite far from the truth. Jailbreaking, in reality, is a legal process and can be done by anyone. Apple has not taken any legal course to prohibit this, so don’t worry about getting arrested for breaking any laws.


Top Software to Jailbreak iPhone 5

Some people end up using the wrong software to Jailbreak the iPhone 5, and in turn, end up facing dire consequences. This article highlights some of the best software out there, to jailbreak the iPhone 5 in mere minutes.

Making minor adjustments to the set up of your phone so you can download applications of your choice is a simple process. The key is downloading the “Right” software and voila! you’re halfway there already. Once the software has been downloaded, you can install it and select the jailbreak option that appears on the screen. The software will automatically modify your iPhone 5 and you need not worry about a thing. Once your phone has been jailbroken, you can cruise to your heart’s content and do whatever you like.

So which software can you choose to jailbreak your phone? Well here’s the answer!

Jailbreakunlock.info (Editors Choice: 10 out of 10)

The cat and mouse game between Apple and its user, where Apple tries desperately to prevent iPhone users from jailbreaking its phones is a never ending one. Although the applications available after you jailbreak your phone have has lessened in terms of quantity, yet the quality remains unparalleled.

The latest, in the series of jailbreaking software is jailbreakunlock.info. This software can jailbreak the latest versions of the iOS 6. It is extremely compatible with iPhones and works well with the iPhone 5. Jailbreakunlock.info was much awaited, especially after Redsnow, which entered the market with much anticipation, but was not able to keep up and jailbreak the latest versions of Apple’s iOS.

The software can work on systems including, Mac, Linux or Windows. Even if you were to restart your iPhone, this software will keep working. Systems and models running on iOS 6.0 to 6.1, can be easily jailbroken by this software, and once installed, it makes it easier for users to access applications through Cydia. With it you can even increase the functionality of the phone along with completely changing the operating system it runs on.

#1 recommended: www.jailbreakunlock.info


iJailbreak Pro (Editor Rating: 6 out of 10)

This software works well with iPhone 5 and can support older versions of the phone as well, like iPhone 4 and 4s. It’s a pretty speedy jailbreak software, as it only takes around 4 minutes to complete the whole process. Yes! That’s all it takes.

Along with this the software iJailbreak Pro even has a 30 day money back guarantee along with a lifetime membership. So once you’ve become member you can jailbreak latest iOS version in just minutes.


Apple Unlocker (Editor Rating: 3 out of 10)


Another in the series of jailbreaking software is Apple Unlocker, which is quite handy if you have time and patience. While not as effective as Evasion or iJailbreak Pro, this software works just fine. It takes around 15 minutes to complete the whole modification process. It might not be as impressive as the other two mentioned above, but it’s quite effective and is available within the price range any iPhone 5 user can afford.


Back in the days when software used to be oddly formatted and gave overly complex instructions to follow, jailbreaking was considered as a game of the veterans only. But this is the new world, where the latest technology is being developed and latest apps are coming in by the minute. People are quite smart at working things out and they want more. More apps, more access, more features and more benefits. It’s definitely just the beginning of the “app war” and experts believe this will go on for a long time, until the invention of something new that tackles over this process and brings with it further challenges.

Of the three listed above, www.jailbreakunlock.info is my TOP PICK!


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